SANOVIT is a product consisting of several components with different functions, ideally suited to support planting, moving of plants or new seeding especially under challenging conditions of growth. SANOVIT has been developed on request and on the suggestion of various Australian landscape architects and designers.

Sanovit is a compound of:

  • SANOPLANT (for a better water storage)
  • a specific long-term organic fertilizer tested by AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) to support the provision of nutrients and enzymes, vitamins, natural growth hormones during the sprouting period up to the end of the growing cycle and
  • volcanic granules of lava (that will safeguard an appropriate air supply especially in heavy soils).

SANOVIT is universally applicable and can be used under most environmental, climate and soil conditions: from planting of small cuttings to adult tree transplantation, tree restoration as well as the pre-treatment of the soil during the final creation of the toposurface or before and during the lawn sowing and the installation of ready-made lawn etc. Applications in Europe and Australia led to excellent results.


SANOVIT BIO has been developed for applications in organic agriculture.
The product can be applied in organic agriculture in accordance with the provisions of the EC Council Regulation 834/2007 as amended and 889/08 as amended on organic production. SANOVIT BIO has been registered with InfoXgen.

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