Sanoplant is a soil additive designed to improve the water retaining capacity especially in light and sandy soils or in well-ventilated substrates. Produced mainly from natural silicates, Sanoplant distinguishes by the ability to quickly take up water along with the plant nutrients dissolved in it and to release it within the appropriate pressure range to the plants.

The key advantages of Sanoplant are

  • significant saving of irrigation water
  • extension of the watering intervals
  • reduction of the leaching of nutrient into the subsoil – an advantage for environment and concomittantly a better utilization of fertilizer nutrients
  • reduction of direct and indirect irrigation expenses
  • improvement of the soil structure as regards a more homogeneous availability of soil moisture
  • promotion of microbiological activities

Sanoplant is no “water-crystal” nor a hydrogel such as for instance polyacrylamide.
Sanoplant is an environmentally friendly product mainly based on finest rock flour, has a neutral pH and it is granulated for a better processability. The effects of an application of Sanoplant will last at least for 10 years.

The application area ranges from the sports venue construction to vegetation layers based on sand, golf courses, classical landscaping, forestry sector, tree and plant nurseries, etc. Sanoplant has successfully been used in South Africa and mainly in the United Arab Emirates, but also in Australia, where the application of Sanoplant has equally led to excellent results.

Sanoplant should be worked into the potting soil and/or in the vegetation supporting layer. When introduced underneath the root zone, Sanoplant increases the growth of deep roots thus allowing the root system to grow more robust away from the surface. The tiny Sanoplant particles (5 – 90 micrometers) settle in the existing pores (macro- and medium pores) and transform them into micropores. The micropores are responsible for the storage of water available for the plants. Unlike most of the products available on the market, Sanoplant does not have any effect on most of the physical parameters in the soil. Consequently, Sanoplant does not destabilize the soil. As soon as the soil treated with Sanoplant reaches water saturation, excess water is freely discharged in order to prevent waterlogging that might damage the plants, a feature that is even specially emphasized for other products as being a functional principle. Repeated drying and remoistening of soils treated with Sanoplant is guaranteed for many years.

SANOPLANT has been tested and certified by various institutions and laboratories.

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