Sanovit Overview

Sanovit is a composite product, ideal for assisting plant establishment, especially under harsh conditions. Sanovit was developed in response to requests from landscapers and contract planters in Australia.

Sanovit is a blend of

  • Sanoplant (for improved water retention);
  • an special AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service)-approved organic biologic slow-release fertiliser (to provide nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and natural growing hormons during establishment up to six months); and
  • volcanic lava particles (to ensure adequate air ratio in heavier soils).

Sanovit is suitable for planting in most environments, from tubestock to large trees, or conditioning soil prior to landscaping or laying turf. It is being used with excellent results in projects across Australia and Europe. For application at organic farming SANOVIT BIO is available.

For application at organic farming SANOVIT BIO is available.

Product is allowed for organic farming according to EU organic farming regulation 834/2007 and 889/08. See information at "Organic Inputs".



SANOVIT is approved by Australian Government: