Sanogreen Overview

SANOGREEN stands for a supplemental system that can or should be used in addition to our soil conditioners.
All products of the SANOGREEN system can be used separately of course. They fulfil different tasks but follow up the same aim. Strenghten the plant vitality, improve plant growth, improve drought resistance, reduce capability of being affected by diseases etc.
The following products are carefully choosen and approved to be ideal supplements for our aims of improving plant growth on natural way beside the main aims of reducing irrigation and maintenance efforts.


MALTAFLOR - pure germination energy and root growth from malt!

LIGNOHUMATE - liquid humus, 100% clean, made of lignin!

- soil mycro organisms necessary for vital soils!

- root fungus for optimized nutrients and water uptake!


barley sproutMALTAFLOR is a fertilizer produced on vegetable basis for landscaping, household gardening and fruit - vegetable gardens. It consists basically of fine and nutrient-rich malt sprouts of the barley as used for beer production. Already during the processing of the barley the purity requirements going back to the year 1516 have to be followed - a guarantor for the purity of this fertilizer.

The main component of Maltaflor, the malt sprouts, are supplemented with another pure vegetable byproduct of the sugar beet. Thus Maltaflor is adjusted to the need of your plants and feeds them gently and evenly over a whole growth period. Your plant will grow vigorously and healthy.

Reasons why to choose Maltaflor:

  • 100% pure and made of vegetable raw materials, therefore environmentally and ecologically friendly.    
  • 100% free from animal components or animal products (no animal excrement, no animal bone blood, and no horn flour!).

LIGNOHUMATE is a high concentrated humic substance consisting of mainly fulvic acid and salts of humic acid.
Humic substances of high molecular weight like humic acids alter the physical characteristics of the soil,
low molecular weight fulvic acids are involved in biochemical reactions.
Humic substances are indispensable for metabolic processes,
that means:100% water soluble granules

  • they stimulate plant cellular growth and division.

Further effects of Humic substances:

  • enhance plant circulatory system,
  • promote plant respiration and transportation systems,
  • decrease plant stress and premature deterioration,
  • improve seed germination,
  • promote greater fibrous root growth,
  • increase size and numbers of legume root nodules,
  • increase resistance to drought and insect infestation

LIGNOHUMATE is a 100%  water soluble scaly granule, more black than brown colored.

Aerator BiomycrolBIOMICROL Plant Tonic & Soil Activation Microbial Solution

Brew your own suspension of  Vermicompost:
During the "brewing" process, soluble mineral nutrients, beneficial micro organisms, humic and fulvic acids, plant growth hormones and plant growth regulators known to be available in solid vermi­compost  are extracted into the tea.  Especially the micro organisms can be multiplied by adding “food” during the process.

Due to the special design, we can ensure a very high quality of the end product with strictly aerobic brewing conditions by the thorough circulation of oxygen and BIOMICROL Substrate.
The Aerator design eliminates any possibility of anaerobic zones developing where pathogenic microbes could multiply. Thorough cleaning of the Aerator is easy and takes just a minute as there are no hidden corners or pipes.  With the BIOMICROL  Aerator 20 - 100 litres of Solution can be produced.

SYMBIVIT provides a unique collection of mycorrhizal fungi from different climates and soil types, including arid high salinity soils, tropical soils from hot and dry tropic regions, adapted to various environmental stresses, or soils ranging from pH 3 to pH 10.
The fungal gene bank contains specimens of mycorrhizal fungy personally and professionally collected from many countries on 5 continents.
We have the ability and scientific experience in background to isolate native species of mycorrhizal fungi and use them to tailor the final mycorrhizal product to provide the best result in the given region. For dry and hot regions e.g. we are supplying an "Arid Mix".

arbuscelUse and effect of the product  
Application of Arid Mix Mycorrhiza during planting will give plants:

  • their best growth potential,
  • sustainable nutrition,
  • reduced mortality at transplanting,
  • greater drought and salt tolerance,
  • increased flowering and fruit yield, and
  • reduced transplant stress.
  • An increased tolerance to root pathogens and to other stress environmental factors can be expected.

Composition of SYMBIVIT Arid Mix
Spores and other reproductive particles (fragments of colonised roots and mycelium fragments) of six different species of symbiotic arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi naturally occurring in soils of hot and arid climatic zones.