Sanovit Features

SANOVIT made of 3 components

SANOVIT saves Water and Nutrients:

Water and nutrients saving is ensured by SANOPLANT. In heavy soils the water retention is not that bad, but sometimes the plant availability of saved water. To improve the availability of water in heavy soils we follow up our origin idea to use a carrier material with defined particle sizes and pore volumes.

SANOVIT offers Nutrients:

Nutrients are provided by an organic FERTILIZER that is mainly made of fine nutrient-rich malt sprouts of the barley which are supplemented with minerals and further pure vegetable products out of the sugar beet. Animal components are not included. A fast available component provides fast nitrogen for the initial growth of plants. The slow release component ensures a continuous growth for the first 4 to 6 months.

SANOVIT provides Aeration:

For purpose of better availability of water and saved nutrients and for improved root zone aeration we integrate LAVA Granules. A continuous availability of water and air is very important for stabile and healthy plant growth. Nevertheless without sufficient nutrients plants will even suffer under best growing conditions. Therefore we combine two soil additives with one special fertilizer.

SANOVIT ensures a very good initial growth and establishing of plants in the consolidation period. Biologic activity in the soil is supported by this malt based components. Later on if additional fertilizers, organic or mineral fertilizers, are applied, they also will be more effective because of activated soil biology. LAVA and SANOPLANT provides at same time from the beginning good water and air availability. Both components last over years.