Sanogreen Features



The pure sprout energy for your soil!

Maltaflor fertilizers consist of more than 80% of vegetable mattter which emanate from the food industry, malt sprouts (young sprout roots of fresh germinating grains) making up the largest share. They are produced according to the strict directives of the Purity Law during the malting of grains for brewing beer.
Maltaflor also contains Malt flour besides of malt sprouts with highly decomposed carbohydrates. Being the food basis for the soil flora they promote the nutrient decomposition in the soil and stabilize the plant growth, creating an even nutrient-stream which nourishes the plant continuously and makes it healthy and strong.

(Ratio of released nutrients in %)
Effect of malt sprouts in the fertilizer

The nutrient stream is ideally adapted to the need of the plant during the intensive growing period. During the last quarter of the growing period when the plant comes close to maturaty the nutrient availability decreases. An unwanted high storage of nitrate in the harvest is avoided.
Good to the environment - good for growing
This feature is supported by vital substances of the malt sprouts which stimulate root growth of plants fertilized with Maltaflor in a special way.
The by-products of the sugar beet processing play another important part. These products are characterized by high-quality potash (potassium sulfate) which stimulates the plants. Only the interaction of all components make Maltaflor to what it is: a high performance fertilizer with outstanding plant-producing and ecological characteristics. The type and origin of the raw materials guarantee a high degree of product safety in application and effect.


100% water soluble SanohumateLIGNOHUMATE is different from other humic substances!

  • The basic material is younger and therefore most of the humic material is conserved and not washed away in natural and manmade processes
  • The basic material has a constant quality what allows an industrial mass production process with a controlled and guaranteed quality of the final product
  • The transformation process is free of waste; all basic material is fully converted
  • The raw material is without contamination and therefore no (expensive) cleaning processes are required

LIGNOHUMATE is the first product containing a wide range of active humic substances, both macro and micro-molecular elements (standard ratio is 1:1, but can be adjusted during the process), in the extreme high concentration of 90%.

Due to the fact that LIGNOHUMATE is a fully active substance, a low doses (from 0,01 to 0,05%), is enough for sustainable results. This means that 1 kilogram LIGNOHUMATE is enough for 2,000 to 10,000 litres of active solution

LIGNOHUMATE is fully water soluble, without deadwood parts, therefore is very suitable for foil application in combination with plant protection and nutrition solutions.


BIOMICROL Brew your own soil activating suspension of  Vermicompost!

Biomicrol steps

First of all the organic matter (harvested Alfalfa and horse manure) is going through a heat rotting process, which ends in a thermophilic compost. Result is a first class certified A+ Compost (highest level of organic compost),  which can also be used for organic farming.


After the heat rotting, the A+ compost is fed to earthworms. The resulting worm casting (premium fertilizer and soil activator) is then pre-activated in a special process, to give all the benefits as a BIOMICROL solution. In this process, the biodiversity and the diversification of the microbial populations is greatly increased.

Within 12 to 24 hours, in the specially designed Aerator, the BIOMICROL Substrate will produce with de-chlorinated water,  a fresh and microbial most active BIOMICROL  Solution,  which contains an exceptional number and variety of microbe species. This makes it a particularly potent plant tonic and soil activator!


This high concentration and biodiversity of bacteria,  fungi, protozoans and beneficial nematodes that is coming out of this process generates healthy and stable conditions in your soil and on the surface of your plants.



SYMBIVIT  an ecological product that offers entirely new possibilities for professional plant cultivation!

By using Symbivit you are saving both money and the environment, and providing your plants with sustainable cultivation conditions. The biggest advantage of mycorrhizal products (also available: Ectovit, Rhodovit, Turfcomp), is the fact that even a single treatment brings significant improvements which usually last for the entire life of the plants.
Symbivit is subject to scientific research and testing, and is sold and used on markets across Europe. The "Arid MIx" is intended to be used in tropical and dry regions.
For many years mycorrhizal fungi from same producer was supplied to Plantworks Ltd., a British company whose product rootgrow TM was the only product in its category which received the official certificate of the Royal Horticultural Society.

It is a product based on the exceptional abilities of mycorrhizal fungi. It is granulated, easy to use, and it supports your plants for their entire life. Mycorrhizal fungi connect to plant roots, bring water and nutrients, and make sure that your plants are healthy, resistant and beautiful.

SYMBIVIT is suitable for:
extended root system with mycorrhizal fungi

  •  Flowering plants and house pot plants (rose, cyclamen, geranium, petunia, verbena etc.)
  • Creeping plants
  • Most ornamental conifers (thuya, yew tree, juniper, cypress etc.))
  • Some other ornamental trees and shrubs (maple, ash, rowan etc.)
  • vegetables (tomato, cucumber, onion, leek, garlic etc.)
  • fruit (strawberry, raspberry, currant, apple tree and other fruit-bearing plants)

SYMBIVIT is not suitable for:

Orchids, the Brassicaceae family (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, radish, watercress, horseradish etc.), for spinnach, turnip, amaranth and some other plants. For conifers (pine, spruce, fir etc.) and some broad-leaved trees (oak, beech, birch etc.), use the product ECTOVIT®. For ericaceous plants (heathers, azaleas, blueberries, rhododendrons etc.), use the product RHODOVIT®.
Packaging: 150 g, 750 g, 3 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg a 750 kg

Avoid using excessive amounts of chemical fertilizers. You do not have to stop using them, but large amounts of soluble chemicals usually harm mycorrhizal fungi. Do not overdose your plants with chemicals. Also, most systemic fungicides kill fungi in early stages of development. We recommend not using them during the first 3 weeks after application of mycorrhizal products.
The product does not contain genetically engineered organisms. It degrades naturally in the soil and does not leave any toxic residue. It does not pollute surface or ground water.

Natural clay carriers, 6 species of mycorrhizal fungi, natural ingredients supporting mycorrhiza (humates, ground minerals, extracts from sea organisms), naturally degradable granules of a water-retaining material.