Sanoplant FAQs

SANOPLANT is a soil amendment, which when applied can save a minimum of 50 % of the required Irrigation. Saving is achieved by increasing the water retention in soils over longer periods of time. At the same time SANOPLANT will store the nutrients in a plant-available form.
What does SANOPLANT consist of?
SANOPLANT is a specially modified and granulated powder made of silicate based stone powders. Granule diameter is 1- 3mm and therefore easily applied.
Why should I use SANOPLANT?
With constantly rising water costs due to lack of rainfall and the increasing need for drinking water it is vital that we look at ways of conserving water and reducing the pollution of water through fertilizers, herbicides etc. SANOPLANT helps to save water and protects the soil against leaching of nutrients into the groundwater. This result in significantly better plant growth, as they establish stronger root systems are therefore more resilient against drought and wind erosion.
How does SANOPLANT work?
Water is absorbed by the macro-pores of soils until capacity is reached. The surplus water is then lost through drainage (e.g. during heavy rainfall) or evaporation. With the application of SANOPLANT the macro-pores are able to store more water and for longer periods in a plant available form. SANOPLANT is therefore most effective in soils with high air pore volumes e.g. sandy soils.
Will SANOPLANT cause a high accumulation of water in the soil and as a result instability ?
SANOPLANT is mixed into the soil in small quantities (1,5 - 3 kilogram per cubicmeter soil). The granules are distributed evenly throughout the growth medium. Surplus water will drain out passing the saturated SANOPLANT. This will result in sufficient water availability with no noticeable effect on either the drainage or the air pore volume of the soil. A slight expansion of SANOPLANT happens only once within the available pores, when material is saturated at first time. This is the initial and necessary expansion and dispersion effect caused by special fibre cellulose.
When should I use SANOPLANT?
SANOPLANT can be used in all soil types, it is recommended however for use in sandy soils or root zones with high air pore volumes.
Is SANOPLANT harmless to the environment?

SANOPLANT is completely harmless to the environment.

The stone powders are of natural origin, remain however due to its composition (SiO2) in the soil for a very long time. After the complete decomposition only nutrients and trace elements remain in the soil. The plants will once again benefit from these elements.

Where can SANOPLANT be used?
Everywhere, there are no limitations to the applications of SANOPLANT. Licensing of product depends on country.
How much water can be saved with the help of SANOPLANT?
When applied correctly, SANOPLANT can save at least 50% of the normally required Irrigation water. Savings of up to 70% have also been achieved. This is however dependant on soil type.
How quickly is water absorbed by SANOPLANT?
Water is absorbed immediately without delay. The SANOPLANT is not significantly affected by continual drying and wetting as found in Peat’s, Polyacrylamide etc.
How long does SANOPLANT work?
Research and practical applications have shown that SANOPLANT will remain active in your soil for at least 10 years.
How can SANOPLANT be used?
SANOPLANT can be premixed into the planting substrate, or spread onto the surface and worked into the soil by help of a rotary motor hoe. Some examples of application can be found on our Website. If you are not sure of which application to use please contact us directly and our technical support team will assist you.
What does SANOPLANT cost and where can I buy SANOPLANT?
Please contact the Head Office in Dornbirn, Austria and we will gladly assist you with contact details and pricing. You can also go to the "Contact Us" link and search for your distributor in your region.