SANOWAY is a global leader in offering natural products and innovative solutions designed to save water and optimise nutrient availability and plant growth, under difficult conditions.

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Vertical greening

Vertical greening

Nature Landscapes provides designs & modular systems for vertical green walls - their systems ar...

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Saves water and nutrients

An easy to apply granulated soil additive for sandy soil saves nutrients and water. Suitable for landscaping, desert greening, flower cultivation etc...

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Multi purpose fertilizer and soil conditioner

An easy, timely and effective solution to save water, provide nutrients, and aerate the rootzone.

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Plants and Soil Care System

that provides different and innovative products like organic fertilizers, soil mycro-organisms, mycorrhiza and humic substances.

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Effective subsurface irrigation system

Most effective subsurface irrigation system, for best water saving used in conjunction with our special water saving soil amendment Sanoplant.

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Ideal for saving water and reducing salination

A new and innovative method of saving up to 80% on irrigation water, saving nutrients and preventing soil from salination at salty groundwater levels.

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    3 Sep 2015

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  • Vertical greening

    23 Aug 2011

    Vertical greening from Nature Landscapes in Singapore...read more

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